The Best Of Multi-Verses and Multi-Value Creations

Apr 27, 2023

Today, I want to talk about one project I recently worked on.

Let me introduce Swaptok - Crypto Social Trading Platform For Regular Users

What is Swaptok?

When coming to trading, it requires a lot of resources & skills,

  1. Do you want to do it by yourself, glue to the screen reading charts 24/7?

  2. Or do you want to join high-paid expert community to tap into their signals?

Unlike these 2 existing paths above, Swaptok offers a 3rd path that put our limited time & money work with us. As a regular user, I can follow vetted expert channels, learn about their insight and analysis, see their proposals on signals, within 1 click, I can follow & execute my trading exactly as the signal described. I can also put on auto-pilot mode for 1 month to do copy or mirror trading with custom rules I can control. It is awesome to drive, but it is even awesome you can co-drive or co-pilot with experts together!!

Swaptok helps you to discover expert signals, opt-in signal trading end to end, and participate signal feedback discussion, backtest, and simulation. For traders we partner, they will have this extra monetization to help them grow their business. All made possible with this new vision to build this multi-verse, multi-value creations platform in three important layers: foundation, intelligence, and economics.

How we started?

One year ago, I met with Swaptok founder Fadl Altamimi on LinkedIn. He is an entrepreneur and product designer from a different country. He, as a trader, saw some challenges in both CeFi world & DeFi world. He want to connect the best of two worlds. I was intrigued by this grand vision. I know this will be a complex problem solving waiting for me.

"Launch 1"

60 days ago, we assembled a wonderful crew to work on our first launch. We have 3 full-time devs including me, working days & nights to build amazing product experience & our robust system foundation.

We call it "Launch 1".

In this project journey, there are so many engineering challenges to turn from ideas into reality. For example,

  • How to integrate with Binance & multi-exchanges

  • How to manage & sync listed & unlisted for token symbols

  • How to implement backtest using historical data

  • How to integrate with test net and production market

  • How to build a powerful and flexible alert system

  • How to show real-time live price & enable real-time notification

  • How to faithfully track & sync order & transaction status and data

  • many more..

i wrote 25 posts along the way covering from design, strategy, solution, and dev memos in our project hub, insane!!

Our Vision

By deep dive to building & launching, we gain a lot of clarity & experience on what the future & market needs. That is all this graph about.

Connect the best of multi-verses and Unleash multi-value creation.

  • Embrace diversity

  • Enable interoperability

  • Focus on user empowerment

  • Emphasize experimentation

  • Create a sustainable ecosystem

Our mission just started and Swaptok has a long way to go. But with our focus on building value propositions for the users, customers, and traders, we believe we can pave the way for a more interconnected and prosperous future.

Partner With Us

If you are fintech, web3, or platform investors who resonates with our vision, our product, and market potentials. We'd love to have a pitch session with you.

If you are a pro trader who is interested in launching your own channel and monterize your signals, please contact the founder Fadl Altamimi

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