Innovate a Data Product

Jan 17, 2023

I was excited to be a speaker today at Phoenix Big Data Conference 2019. I am here to share with online audience what I have talked so that everyone who are interested can click to read.

For whatever reason, I chose this daunting topic called - Innovate a data product. During preparation, I was procrastinating in my creativity, I was seeking a storyline to share with you that is relevant, inspiring and actionable.

My hope is to speak innovation thinking to any data professionals - analysts, engineers, managers and leaders. I see when we all listen, share and collaborate, great questions are asked, great insights are discovered, great products are prototyped, we win together to bring meaning, value and beauty to the world.

I have a data product...

Back to 80's, people may say, we are a software company. Back to 90's, people may say we are an Internet company. Now, people may say, we are a data company. We have data products. But what does this really mean?

" I have a data product, would you like to buy?" //It is a commodity that you can pay to get quantity information.

"I have a data product, would you like to see?" //It is a data story that you can gain insights quickly from visualization.

"I have a data product, would you like to use?" //It is a service that you can interact to make decisions or actions quicker.

They all have their position at different value chain or stack.

Digital reality - We all living in...

We really live in a speed of 1 click.

We are 1 link away to discover a new article. We are 1 follow away to connect with a new person. We are 1 content away to get influenced. Millennials and future generations are digital native, they are data consumers but also creators.

Technology side, from storage to compute, from engineering to powerful algorithms, it follows simple rules - quick, better and cheaper. It has the appetite of storing anything, anytime, anywhere.

Because both technology reconnects us differently, today's business need to really embrace how this impacts finding customers, interacting with customers and delivering value customers with ease-of-decision.

A simple innovation framework

Value Driven - There is no other important thing than communicating and making value flow. As an innovator, stay focus on discovering what could be valuable for your audience and communicate boldly to them.

Data Oriented - Data need to be played with value in the mind. It is for understanding and make it easy for decision. Don't hold them. Share and use them. They are meant for communication.

Start With Decision - Bridge value and data with some context. Often choose your focus lens on some slow and hard decisions you like to study today and re-shape tomorrow.

Innovation is a matter of investing actionable experiments toward your vision. Without vision, you may aim wrong thing. Without studying today, you lost how the world came today. Before you destruct, you better have a plan. Meaningful executions speak a lot. Once you are convinced, no retreat, show to the world.

What you can do next?

Sharpen your critical, analytical and creative thinking. - be a data ninja, be a data story-teller, be a data magician, be a data master.

Create fun, useful and meaningful products - to reduce nosies, detect trends, facilitate decisions, challenge status quot.

And very last - don't be evil.

I hope you enjoy this article.

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